Water Magician (Water Attribute Magician)


Author: Kuho Tadashi 久宝 忠

Illustrator: Nokito ノキト

Raws: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n0022gd/


This is the story of Ryo, who was reincarnated in the world of swords and magic.
It is a story of the royal road to survive using the magic of water attribute.

What is magic? What is swordsmanship?
How does it relate to the laws of physics that we know?

Or what is politics? What is a nation?
Why are there many 『kingdoms』 in reincarnation stories? Will republics not work?

Can it be written …?

Since it is a water-based magician, so it shall start with 『Hydrogen bond』!

  • This is not a domestic affairs cheat story.
  • There will be no harem development.
  • It is not a science novel.
  • This story is a work of fiction.
  • This story is of a protagonist that is opportunistic/acts at their own convenience.

Please enjoy Ryo’s world that expands little by little. (T/N: Ryo = Stands for Cooling/Refreshing)

Chapter 0000

Part 1, Volume 1, Slow Life
Chapter 0001 Slow Life
Chapter 0002
Chapter 0003
Chapter 0004
Chapter 0005
Chapter 0006 Assassin Hawk
Chapter 0007
Chapter 0008
Chapter 0009
Chapter 0010