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SL Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Yarandorara and the setting sun

Translator: Tseirp

GC V9C364

(364) Cat Communicator

Translator: Tseirp

GC V9C363

(363) Fight against Talwi

Translator: Tseirp

SL Chapter 157

Volume 4: You/You (Anata/Kimi) are not a true hero

Chapter 157: During a peaceful afternoon, Yarandorara appeared

Translator: Tseirp

GC V9C362

(362) Inspector’s Request

Translator: Tseirp

GC V9C361

(361) Please take responsibility if you’re wrong

Translator: Piggy.C + Tseirp

SL Chapter SS4

Chapter SS4: Lit’s shotel course

Translator: Tseirp

GC V9C360

(360) Dispelling the curse

Translator: Piggy.C + Tseirp

GC V9C359

Sorry for the late release! And in-house helper Piggy.C came to save the day with the workload.

(359) I’m just a string

Translator: Piggy.C

Translator & Editor: Tseirp

SL Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Demis

Translator: Tseirp

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