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Slow Life Frontier LN Vol3 Illustrations

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Courtesy of Fui



GC V8C245


SL Chapter 107


  1. kirindas

    Thanks for the illustrations!

  2. ShinItsuka

    Ruti looks so cute smiling like that

  3. Kuzo

    Thanks for the illustration~

  4. Billyaabob

    Oh god! HANDHOLDING!!!

  5. Shigg

    Any idea on who’s who?

  6. Carmeops

    i don’t see any picture…

  7. Canari

    Ummm… Is there supposed pregnancy? *eyes 1st picture hand placed on tummy*

  8. Hakou

    I can finally see what Tise and Uge uge san looks like
    And please tell me that’s Red’s hand that Ruti’s holding there

  9. Boogiepop

    someone tell me who is the blue haired and skin woman?

  10. ichibaka1

    Is there snu-snu? Is there wincest? Is there harem?

    I’ll take all.

    • Dusty

      Word of God(Author) has said there is no harem in late volume 1

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