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Slow Life Frontier LN Vol2 Illustrations

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Courtesy of Fui



SL Chapter 68


SL Chapter 69


  1. Cake

    Thanks for these. The scythe-wielding loli, is she Tise? I don’t see Ugeuge-san anywhere, though?

  2. Thank you Tseirp!

  3. kirindas

    Thanks for the illustration!

  4. Emperaiga

    ugeuge-san look cool,and why tise hair and eye colour look similiar with ruri at image 3 colour?!…

  5. Kuzo

    Thanks for the illustration~

  6. Sp12er

    Why’s there a lot of things I haven’t read even in the latest chapter?
    Volume 2, but I don’t feel the 80 chapters I binged feel like it’s just 2 volumes…

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