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Slow Life Frontier LN Vol1 Illustrations

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Courtesy of Jay of the Void



IS B12C260


SL Chapter 23


  1. It feels like Lit was the main protag instead of Red, because all the illustration Lit looks the best and Red looks like an extra LOL

    • Isaac

      Well from everyone else’s POV red is a g rank herb gatherer that has a shop, lit is a B rank and a princess so its obvious who looks like the MC

    • F. A. N.

      Isn’t that how most LN cover looks like? Nobody really care much about the guy design

    • Azi Dahaka

      Most, if not all, LNs try to sell the heroine(s), not the protagonist, unless the protagonist is a female. Vice versa for LNs aimed at women.

  2. porunokii

    Who is the silver? haired elf?

  3. porunokii

    who is the silver haired elf in the pictures?

    • infoman

      elf is a neighbor of mc…she already married and have 1 son….dont hope this ln have harem..tq

  4. Felipe

    Hum, so looks like the elf that abandoned the hero’s party will end up finding him in

  5. Barbaric Bob

    wait, who’s that elf?

    • Felipe

      I’m going to bet that it’s that hero’s party member (the one with the “plant singer” divine protection) that left the group shortly after red left them

      • Some Guy

        Didn’t that one leave because she thought the sage guy killed Red, but no one believed her? You don’t normally look for a corpse living under an assumed name in the ass-end of nowhere.

        . . . Unless you’re hunting undeads, I guess.

        • GNT01

          Remember that she mentions that she cant find any track of Red when the mage told her that he left


      It looks like the mother of the half elf boy

    • deras

      Tanta’s mother

    • ModoTheGreat

      Definitely Tantaโ€™s mom. Sheโ€™s *that* close with Tanta in the one illustration where he appears, after all.

  6. SFcipher

    Thank you.

  7. Habib

    Thanks for uploading the illustrations!

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