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Growth Cheat LN Vol5 Illustrations

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Courtesy of Frozen & Sparhawk



GC V8C190


SL Chapter 1


  1. natc

    Kanon groping her lord O_O’

    Is that Miri’s demon lord form? She’s pretty sexy.

  2. blackfifa19

    Hey does the Light Novel follow a different path then the Web Novel?

    thanks for the illustrations.

    • Yeah from the illustrations they certainly do have certain different scenes. And the author did mention that there are additional stories in the LN

      • cbert

        i would assume not but, do you plan on doing the parts in the LN that were added/changed?

  3. cbert

    miri seems to be much more caring in the LN

  4. SFcipher

    Thanks for the illustrations.

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