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Growth Cheat LN Vol4 Illustrations

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Courtesy of Frozen & Sparhawk



Growth Cheat LN Vol3 Illustrations


GC V8C188


  1. Thanks for the illustrations…

  2. Thanks for the illustrations they are grate

  3. natc

    Honestly already forgot who the red and blue girls are . . .

    • info

      Blue is Libra, the goddess of wisdom Ichino receives Pionia from.
      Red is Sethlans/Setlance, the goddess of war; Norn admires her.

    • martin

      the blue girl is the god of justice Libra and the red one is the god of fithg and Stelance(i forgot her name), and final the girl nude is piona(she is more hot and cute that I especte)

  4. PervySageChuck

    Thanks! But…


    If the illustrator doesn’t start drawing more Fluffy Tails, I will have to hide an open can of Surstromming under his bed!

    • Misery's End

      You know just opening those cans are dangerous.they’re like ticking time bombs of mass destruction

  5. methapon

    Pioneer is in 4th Vol of LN? um well.
    thanks for illus

  6. Croc265

    What chapter is it where 6 girl see a lewd scene?

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