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Growth Cheat LN Vol3 Illustrations

Please purchase the Light Novel to support the Author and Illustrator if you are able to! 🙂



Courtesy of Frozen & Sparhawk



Growth Cheat LN Vol2 Illustrations


Growth Cheat LN Vol4 Illustrations


  1. Thanks for the illustrations….

  2. Thanks for the illustrations they are grate

  3. natc

    Kanon is hotter than I expected

  4. PervySageChuck

    Thanks again!


    This volume only had a brief and mostly hidden Fluffy Tail!

    We Friendly Neighborhood Perverts must have more Fluffiness!

  5. Sir daoless

    When I clicked I was expecting many
    Because of big booked megumin

  6. Wissew

    Who is that nun, the blonde loli holding the doll & the red haired girl?

    • Hero party: Suzuki Kota, Miles(Nun), Kyanshi (Swordswoman red hair), Schreyl (Shaman girl holdin doll)

      • Wissew

        Thanks. Already forgot about the whole hero & his harem. Btw, are you planning on adding the illustrations on the older chapter?

        It would make it better for readers to “see” the story 🙂

        • Wissew

          NV, missed your reply in chapter 190. Kinda wish i could help somehow, but doubt i have the skills/etc to do so.

      • Nyaa

        Sir may I know who is that Mirumia? I’ve already skimming 6 volume but I don’t know who that person is

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