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GC V10C414

(414) A strike from a Demon Lord

Translator: Tseirp

GC V10C413

The author seems to have resumed his routine chapter releases so I will try to return to my two chapters a week release schedule. The recent chapters have been almost 1.5 – 2 times longer than his usual chapter length though so apologies if I can’t release them on time.

At any rate, I believe the next volume should be the final volume as well so hopefully we can have an uninterrupted release until the end now~

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(413) The Secret to defeat a Demon God

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0008

Sorry for the slow release. My main translation project Growth Cheat is kicking up again so Water Magician translations would slow down slightly but it is still ongoing! Thank you for understanding!

Chapter 0008

Translator: Tseirp

GC V10C412

(412) Demon Lord became Lv200

Translator: Tseirp

GC V10C411

(411) Raising Demon Lord level

Translator: Tseirp

GC V10C410

(410) The old woman named Miremia

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0007

Chapter 0007

Translator: Tseirp

GC V10C409

(409) Reunion at Florence

Translator: Tseirp

GC V10C408

(408) And to become a Demon Lord

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0006

Chapter 0006 Assassin Hawk

Translator: Tseirp

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