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Growth Cheat ToC


~I’ve become able to do anything with my Growth Cheat, but I can’t seem to get out of being jobless~

Author: 時野洋輔
Raw link: Here
Volume 1 purchase link: Amazon
Spanish Translation: Tiberium Translations


I, Ichinosuke, failed to get a job for a 100 consecutive times. Furthermore, my record is still being updated as unemployed.

On my way to a job interview, I was involved in an accident with a truck and tragically passed away.
And then, a Goddess bestowed upon me the ability to grow at a speed 400 times faster than normal, before sending me to a game-like otherworld.
However, knowing that I would not become stronger even if I continued growing while jobless, I aimed to get a job, but I found out that it was my terrible fate to remain jobless.
As my Growth Cheat and Jobless Cheat existed side-by-side in this otherworld, an adventure record, no doubt certified by the job-placement agency as a harmful book, begins here.

LN Illustrations

Haurvatat Arc (Haurvatat is the Avestan language word for the Zoroastrian concept of “wholeness” or “perfection)

(000) Prologue
(001) World without a ceiling
(002) Possibility of Jobless
(003) It is finally time for a job change
(004) Arriving at the town
(005) Let’s register at the Adventurers Guild
(006) Let’s borrow slaves
(007) I want to become stronger
(008) Let’s go to the labyrinth!
(009) Kobold exterminating Growth Cheat
(010) Housemate who did not return
(011) To the labyrinth with Haru quickly!
(012) Searching the 3rd floor of the labyrinth, Defeating goblins
(013) Invading the thieves hideout
(014) Escaping from the thieves hideout
(015) Returning to town
(016) Haru’s answer
(017) Party application in the Adventurers Guild
(018) Deciding on the next job to aim for
(019) Confirming the agreement before the labyrinth
(020) Confiding secret
(021) Small medal
(022) Arriving at the boss room
(023) Statue of the Goddess in the depths of the labyrinth
(024) Goddess’s worry
(025) Last night in Florence
(026) Let’s go to the intermediate labyrinth for a little bit
(027) Intermediate labyrinth’s 56th floor
(028) Skink festival
(029) VS Giant Skink
(030) Peerless on stage
(031) Epilogue

Carol Arc

(032) Prologue
(033) The Girl in a barrel
(034) The “I want to live comfortably” Offertory box
(035) Carol’s unique occupation
(036) Bear Dismantling
(037) Rare Guest at the Weapons Shop
(038) Confiding secret
(039) Night where we pressed shoulders together
(040) Beginner’s Luck/Cheating in the gambling parlour
(041) Haru’s Roulette
(042) Attack of the Worm
(043) Monster-less Labyrinth
(044) 24th-floor Minotaur
(045) Battle with the Minotaur
(046) Mysterious presence at the back of the boss room
(047) Torerul’s Roulette
(048) The Right to Pursue Happiness
(049) The Centaur who wishes to eat carrots
(050) Crossing thoughts within a small head
(051) Smoke rising toward the ceiling
(052) Finding one’s own worth
(053) Epilogue

Marina Arc
(054) Prologue
(055) Carol’s Business Technique
(056) The Beginnings of Alchemy
(057) Night in Gomaki Village
(058) Exploration of the Labyrinth in the Mountains (Prequel)
(059) Exploration of the Labyrinth in the Mountains (Sequel)
(060) Unequipped Sensor
(061) The simple hike down the mountain
(062) The incorrect use of the Room of Silence
(063) Camping out Cuisine
(064) Rabbit-less moon/month
(065) Border Town
(066) Town atop the bridge
(067) Summoning Magic by an Archmage
(068) Delivery destination Ferruit town, the new baggage is a street performer
(069) What happens twice will happen thrice
(070) Big Second-sensei’s work
(071) Marina’s status
(072) Finding the Hero
(073) The Hero’s misunderstanding
(074) The mysterious printing house
(075) Ichinojo’s hobby
(076) Marina’s second job
(077) First round of Temptress battle
(078) Dismantling ants
(079) Arriving at Ferruit town
(080) Malina’s words and her letter
(081) Epilogue
Character Listing ~Spoilers, excessive back stories~

Ferruit Upheaval Arc
(082) Prologue
(083) Fishing for Tubifex worms
(084) Carol’s shoulder ride
(085) Carol’s request
(086) This is my world!
(087) Unexpected rare guest
(088) Libra’s star visit
(089) After the Goddess left
(090) Side Story 「Upheaval starts」
(091) Side Story 「Demon Lord VS Goddess」
(092) Pioneer Diary Part 1
(093) Stand-by at rocky field, battle will start soon

Pending Chapters/Arcs (possible spoilers)

(094) Ichino’s front entrance
(095) Side Story Bats of the dark night
(096) Repel the approaching monsters!
(097) On top of the Wyvern
(098) Side Story Growth limit
(099) Plunging into the labyrinth
(100) To move forward or to retreat?
(101) Run, Ichino, run
(102) The battle’s not over even though it’s over
(103) The Darkness is cleared
(104) The Goddess Setolance
(105) Side Story Hero and Vampire
(106) Epilogue

Miri’s Adventure
(106) Miri’s Adventure 1
(107) Miri’s Adventure 2
(108) Miri’s Adventure 3
(109) Miri’s Adventure 4
(110) Miri’s Adventure 5
(111) Miri’s Adventure 6

Hidden Village of Demons
(112) Prologue



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    Don’t know if some already said this but I think there is a grammar mistake in the title.
    In my opinion it should be: I’ve become able to do anything ….
    This should be if you wanted to use Present Perfect which is build with have/has + 3rd form of the verb.
    The three forms of become are become – became – become and so it should be become instead of became.

    Wall anyway just a random rambling.

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    – Carol Arc Growth Cheat – Arc 2 – Carol Arc [TseirpTranslations].epub

    ps: i give proper credit for Tseirp and Author in epub file.

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    First, thanks for the chapters.

    I minor correction, but I think has a huge impact as it concerns the title:

    “~I’ve became able to do anything with my Growth Cheat, but I can’t seem to get out of being jobless~”

    Should be: I`ve become (present perfect).

    Tks again =)

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