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IS B7C105

Chapter 105: The hometown of researchers and engineers

Translator: Tseirp


The town said to be the gathering place for researchers and engineers gave me the feeling of a cosy place.

Instead of a city, it certainly gave a stronger impression as a town so, on a whole, it was small in size.

Rockford was the final stop on the highway.

I found that the town was built on a wide empty land surrounded by mountains.

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GC V2C35

(035) Carol’s unique occupation

Translator: Tseirp

The number of people in front of the goddess statue increased so we decided to change location and left.

The red brick warehouse … or rather the slave trading post was just a stone’s throw away.

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GC V2C34

This chapter is thanks to Cody once again!! Wai~ 😀 Thank you for the continued support!

(034) The “I want to live comfortably” Offertory box

Translator: Tseirp

I doubted my ears upon hearing the young girl ask to have herself killed.

However, no matter how I interpret it, that was a request for a contract murder.

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IS B7C104

Chapter 104: Earthquake, Monsters, and Uneasy feeling

Translator: Tseirp


Nothing happened for 2 days after we began travelling on the highway, no particularly strong monsters appeared and we proceeded smoothly.

Then, it happened when we had our guard down at dusk.

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IS B7C103

This extra chapter is to celebrate the 100 chapter milestone we reached for Invincible Saint :D. Enjoy~!

Book 7: The Engineer Village

Chapter 103: Sudden magic tool idea

Translator: Tseirp


We reached a place that was slightly over a day’s travel from the borders of the Saint Schull Allied Nations.

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IS B6C102

This marks the end of the 6th volume! 😀 It’s pretty much a chapter to tie in the loose ends of the whole arc. Look forward to the start of a brand new arc!

Chapter 102: Respective paths

Translator: Tseirp


For a short period of time, the burnt down building in the healing district was left untouched.

After finding out who burnt down the building, the beastmen who were looking forward to the healing district started a large movement.

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GC V2C33

(033) The Girl in a barrel

Translator: Tseirp

The forest was not as dense and lush as compared to the forest I was in when I first came to this world.

However, I’m worried if we would be able to return to our original location if we kept running deeper.

In the end, I’ll have to rely on Haru’s sense of smell to find our original path.

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GC V2C32

Start of the new arc! :DD

This extra chapter is thanks to Tim! 🙂 Thank you for the support!

Carol Arc

(032) Prologue

Translator: Tseirp

5 days has passed since Onii left.

The room within the mansion that was changed to be under my name is now an empty shell. Instead of having a lived-in feel, the environment of the room now felt like it is doubtful if people have really lived in it.

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IS B6C101

Chapter 101: Completion of the school

Translator: Tseirp


After Garba-san finished announcing the content for his enforcement right, Garba-san and Grulga-san prompted me to return to the Healer’s Guild but I chose to stay.

I felt that I had to see it with my own eyes.

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IS B6C100P2

Part 2 of the chapter 100 milestone 🙂 Enjoy!

Chapter 100: Mastermind and Perpetrators (Part 2)

Translator: Tseirp

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