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IS B7C109

Chapter 109: Dragons and Spirits’ Beliefs

Translator: Tseirp


As usual, there was a large door before my eyes and the moment I touched it, it began to absorb my magical power.


This time, the door shined a golden-yellow light as a crest gradually appeared and sparkled.

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GC V2C40

(040) Beginner’s Luck/Cheating in the gambling parlour

Translator: Tseirp

The Philanderer job is a terrible job with high luck stat but every other stat is lower than that of the Commoner job.

The skill I confirmed this morning was also weird.

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Growth Cheat official art

Official art of Growth Cheat for all those who are interested out there 🙂 The Japanese light novel is scheduled to be out on Sept 2016. Thanks Mr East for the heads up.


IS B7C108

Chapter 108: Way to Return

Translator: Tseirp


It happened when we were cutting across the central square after leaving the town hall to return to Dolan’s workshop.

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GC V2C39

Special random extra chapter for all my readers. Just hit 2 million all time views and 2000 comments as of yesterday 🙂 Thank you all for visiting! I hope to continue to see you all around and get to read your comments :D. Shout out to all my supporters and special shout out to Cody T and my Patreons: Tristan L, Mus R, John F, and Jonathan G 🙂

(039) Night where we pressed shoulders together

Translator: Tseirp

After we finished having our dinner, I noticed that the candle was consumed surprisingly fast so I bought another candle.

Then, I returned to the room and maintained my equipment.

I properly maintained the steel sword but I also had to maintain the iron sword, goblin sword and the dagger I originally used for dismantling. It won’t rust immediately because I place them in my item bag but I can’t afford to not maintain them.

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IS B7C107

Chapter 107: Chance Encounter

Translator: Tseirp


The next morning, Grand-san and Dolan-san had a terrible hangover.

According to Paula, dwarves enjoy liquor with high alcoholic content that humans find hard to drink and they certainly are heavy drinkers but it doesn’t look like their race is spared from having hangovers.

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GC V2C38

This extra chapter is thanks to Cody and Jonathan! Thank you for the support! 😀 Enjoy!

(038) Confiding secret

Translator: Tseirp

There weren’t any inns near the Adventurers Guild so we ended up returning to the neighbourhood around the slave dealership.

During that time, Haru remained vigilant to make sure the aristocrat Oregeru wasn’t around with her nose perked up.

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GC V2C37

Sorry for the late release … was out for the night 😀 enjoy!

(037) Rare Guest at the Weapons Shop

Translator: Tseirp

“Oh man, boss, you’re so evil, if you just said that you are strong then we won’t have done such a thing.” (Random lackey among the 5)

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GC V2C36

This chapter is for the Patreon people 😀 Thanks for your support as always!

(036) Bear Dismantling

Translator: Tseirp

In this town, the gambling parlours and shops were housed in the center, to the west was the residential areas and further west were the fields and farms within the city, to the east were workshops like the blacksmiths, the Adventurers Guild was also housed there and the labyrinth was even further east.

The difficulty level of the labyrinth in this town is below medium. Looks like at our current strength, we can easily clear it.

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IS B7C106

Chapter 106: The banquet after returning

Translator: Tseirp


Paula entered the workshop.

Dolan didn’t enter … without entering, he touched the workshop, touched the entrance, and sat down on the spot.

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