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IS B6C94

This chapter is to thank my Patreon members as well 🙂 Thanks to Jonathan for joining in as well 😀

Chapter 094: Moving the Hacchi race

Translator: Tseirp


Departing after we had our breakfast, we arrived at the undeveloped forest.


“Fornoir, could you go in?”

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GC V1C25

This chapter is thanks to Cody 🙂 Thank you for the support!

(025) Last night in Florence

Translator: Tseirp

The moment I woke up … I saw the statue of the Goddess Koshmar.

It was really faithfully reproduced.

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GC V1C24

(024) Goddess’s worry

Translator: Tseirp

An empty space. This was the second time I’ve been here.

Also, it’s the second time I’m meeting the orc … no, Koshmar-sama.


“What a rude child.”

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IS B6C93

Chapter 093: Herbalist Guild guildmaster

Translator: Tseirp


When we returned to the Healer’s Guild after the monthly meeting, there was a message from the Adventurer’s Guild’s Jasuan-dono.

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GC V1C23

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(023) Statue of the Goddess in the depths of the labyrinth
Translator: Tseirp

The Goblin King, it was multiple times larger than a regular goblin and instead of a stick, it was holding onto a sword.

Thanks to the 5 goblins around it, it was easy to appreciate the Goblin King’s greatness.

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IS B6C92

Sorry guys for the late release. Was busy for the weekend. 🙂 Enjoy! And yea I know the story is quite slow now so I’ll try to speed up the releases.

Chapter 092: Written pledge

Translator: Tseirp


Within the mansion where the leaders gather at the northern central region of the capital Ienith, I attended a meeting with the representatives of the 8 races.

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GC V1C22

This will replace the Friday scheduled release 🙂 Won’t have time to upload tomorrow so here’s the chapter early!


(022) Arriving at the boss room

Translator: Tseirp

“I’ve always thought that labyrinths would be more like, a monster comes flying out after walking for every 3 minutes … but the monsters are surprisingly sparse … ”

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IS B6C91

Chapter 091: Luciel’s plan

Translator: Tseirp


After returning to the Healer’s Guild, we headed directly for the basement.

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Hi guys, I’ll most likely pause my translation of LD here for now. Sorry for bringing this story to you guys and stopping the translations but I was informed that Saigo from saigotranslation contacted the author and the author did not give his approval so I’ll be putting the translation for this series on hiatus until further notice. Sorry orz.


Chapter 003

Translator: Tseirp


A month passed since Tsutomu requested for Garm to escort him and to impart knowledge to him. During that time, Tsutomu once again lost himself in this game world as he studied under Garm.

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Ooo the chapters for this novel are loooonngg.


Chapter 002

Translator: Tseirp




Tsutomu fell face first onto a wooden floor and gave out a noise like a crushed frog. Boisterous sounds entered his ears and without even realizing it, he was wearing a set of shabby pale brown clothes.

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