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GC V1C30

Time for some beating! xD

This chapter is thanks to Shaye too πŸ™‚

(030) Peerless on stage

Translator: Tseirp

As usual, the interior of the Adventurers Guild was crowded with adventurers. There were adventurers there to exchange information but there was some drinking alcohol as well. It seems like they bought liquor from the liquor store in front to drink here. Apparently, taverns only open in the evening and it’s lonely to drink alone so the adventurers gathered to drink here.

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IS B6C99

Chapter 099: Unexpected helper

Translator: Tseirp


As we were really having tea and chatting underground, the 4 people begin waking up.

“Oof, where? S-rank?” (Dollarstar)

“Ah, Dollarstar-san you’re awake? Thank god you survived.” (Luciel)

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IS B6C98

The explanations to the arc will come in the following chapters πŸ™‚

This chapter is thanks to Shaye πŸ™‚ Thanks!

Just updated the future chapter titles so those that are interested can take a look. πŸ˜€

Chapter 098: Echoing roar in Ienith

Translator: Tseirp


The day after the representative meeting ended, the dog beastman Sebec-dono and cat beastman Kyasral-dono bowed their heads together.

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IS B6C97

I’ll try to put in TL notes at parts that I find it harder to link, parts where you need to remember things from earlier chapters or have an idea of the bigger picture. Hope it helps and let me know if you guys want it or would rather not have it. The author’s way of writing really tests my ability to infer >.<‘

Chapter 097: Removal of the Slums

Translator: Tseirp


After we exited from within the labyrinth and returned to the surface, we headed toward the Adventurer’s Guild instead of heading back to the Healer’s Guild.

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GC V1C29

(029) VS Giant Skink

Translator: Tseirp

We once again descended down to the 56th-floor.

Waiting there was a large number of fish lizards that practically covered all the skinks that we should have defeated previously as well as the Giant Skink.

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GC V1C28

Extra chapter thanks to Cody again πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

(028) Skink Festival

Translator: Tseirp

Looking at the adventurer getting swallowed, I could not move a single step.

If I sent out a γ€ŒSlash」 … no, even if I did that and defeated it, the person inside it would be injured as well. Moreover, I hardly think that it would be defeated with a single γ€ŒSlash」.

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IS B6C96

Chapter 096: Shadow of the Evil God

Translator: Tseirp


Everybody’s gaze gathered on me.

They’ll most likely obey any choice I make …

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GC V1C27

Final extra chapter thanks to Cody :D. Enjoy!

(027) Intermediate labyrinth’s 56th-floor

Translator: Tseirp

Intermediate Labyrinth 95th-floor?

Boss room?

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GC V1C26

This chapter is thanks to Cody as well πŸ˜€

(026) Let’s go to the intermediate labyrinth for a little bit

Translator: Tseirp

Morning came in the blink of an eye. Morning came because morning came. (TL: It’s most likely a play on words or a pun but I couldn’t really be sure what the meaning was.)

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IS B6C95

Chapter 095: Abnormal changes to the Labyrinth of Astray

Translator: Tseirp


Yesterday after dinner, I signed employment contracts with all the members from the Hacchi tribes.

This time, instead of relying on verbal exchanges, we exchanged written pledges.

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