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Phew it didn’t go down that road >.< hahaha. Time for some progress!

(008) Let’s go to the labyrinth!

Translator: Tseirp

I chose my words poorly.

I somehow protected my chastity and we once again introduced ourselves. I explained the situation to the clothes shop owner, Margaret.

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IS B5C76

Down we go to the 51st floor! Dragon number 2? Enjoy! 😀

Chapter 076: Criteria to enter the 51st floor

Translator: Tseirp


Upon waking up from my pleasant sleep, there was a magic circle floating in the middle of the boss room. And similar to the Labyrinth of Tribulations, at the back of the boss room, there was a large door.

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This extra chapter is a service for you all awesome readers 🙂 and also for my awesome Patreons!  I’ll try to release an extra for Invincible Saint as well maybe next week but that will depend on my schedule and if I recover from my stomach flu(?). I’ll do my best! Anyway, extreme monologue and hilarious ending. Enjoy!

(007) I want to become stronger

Translator: Tseirp

I accompanied Haru back to Matthias’s shop.


“Thank you very much, master. Although it was only for a brief moment, I enjoyed going out after such a long time.”

“I will ask for you again if I have any other business with the guild.”

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IS B5C75

Finally a boss battle! xD

Chapter 075: Invincible Object X

Translator: Tseirp


The 50th floor boss room was very wide. As if built specifically to house the Red Dragon, it was a 100 meter diameter circular room reminiscent of the Adventurer’s Guild training ground.

“God of Destiny-sama, Kuraiya-sama, God of Healing-sama, ancestors, please protect me.”

As usual, I dedicated my prayers to the gods and confronted the Red Dragon.

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(006) Let’s borrow slaves

Translator: Tseirp

Matthias’s shop was along the main street. It was an imposing brick building. I mean, it felt overwhelmingly larger than the surrounding shops.

Isn’t it an inn instead? Ah, no, if there are many slaves housed within then I guess this size is to be expected.

Since his shop was set up proudly in such a location, looks like slavery is indeed openly recognized by the general public.

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IS B5C74

Chapter 074: The feeling of wanting to escape and the feeling of wanting to save

Translator: Tseirp


We were just about to finish exploring the 48th floor without any result. However, Kefin suddenly cried out.

“There’s somebody getting surrounded by monsters!”

I looked over to confirm and saw a figure within a swarm of monsters ahead.

” … Wait.”

I called out for everyone to wait as I had an uncomfortable feeling.

“Why … ?”

Please stop with those gazes like you’ve misjudged me.

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IS B5C73

Sorry for the delay! Enjoy the chapter! 🙂

Chapter 073: Information on another reincarnated individual and the labyrinth treasure chest

Translator: Tseirp


We were shocked when we climbed up to the 41st floor. Firstly, the temperature in the labyrinth dropped.

Due to that, we no longer needed the heat insulating magic tools that we made yesterday and we could have saved those magic stones.

Considering that we might fall into a situation whereby they have to immediately use the magic stones, I entrusted them to Paula and Dolan just in case, but it seems like the magic stones would be used for Golem-sama.

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There’s new FanArt so do check it out if you’re interested! 😀 Thanks to Anonymous2 for the frequent art submissions 🙂

(005) Let’s register at the Adventurers Guild

Translator: Tseirp

Even though I’ve come to understand this world to a certain extent thanks to Daijiro’s book, I felt that it was best if I gained an understanding myself.

Of course, it’s not that I don’t trust the book, but the book did not touch upon the tax required to enter the town, nor anything about the crystal ball that detects a person’s job and also nothing about the skills for the Jobless occupation.

It’s not the first time I personally experience and observe the situation for myself. It’s similar to how when I was trying to find a job, I not only read articles on the overview of the company but I actually also requested to tour the factories or facilities in my own private time before tackling the interview.

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