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Month: March 2016 (Page 2 of 3)

IS B5C66

Release 2 of 3. This extra chapter is thanks to QD-san, Hau-san and Simon-san :). I’ve finally cleared my extra chapter queue! 🙂 Thank you all for your continued support. Enjoy!


Chapter 066: Men who assertively follow orders

Translator: Tseirp


I have no idea how much time has passed … or not. The men immediately began making a commotion.


“I don’t have it, I don’t have my mask.”

“My mask and goggles are gone as well.”

“My magic pants is gone as well.”

“My full face helmet is … ”

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IS B5C65

I’ve been on a translating spree over the weekend cause GC made it interesting again xD. Release 1 of 3. This chapter is thanks to Tan-san :). Enjoy!


Chapter 065: Healer’s Guild assailants

Translator: Tseirp


The healer’s healing magic demonstration ended with great success.

We’ve received high evaluations from the Adventurer’s Guild guildmaster Jasuan-dono and the vice-guildmaster Jias-dono. They informed us that, in the future, until the healer clinic is established, they will contact the Healer’s Guild for anything apart from diseases.

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IS B5C64

I’ll change the humanized dragon term I use to dragonewt until there’s any further mention about dragonewts since humanized dragon sounds very awkward. >.<


Chapter 064: Ienith’s Adventurer’s Guild guildmaster is a muscle-brain

Translator: Tseirp


Even without using 「Dispel」, my subordinate healers who successfully used 「Recover」 healed the adventurers suffering from abnormal statuses.

Patients suffering from petrification or were in a mess with collapsed arms and eyes were all treated by me.

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(000) Prologue

Translator: Tseirp

Within the room of a family-type apartment.

A room too large for the two, brother and sister, to live in.

A bunch of papers piled up on the table and the mobile phone mailbox was also packed with emails.


“Miri, Oniichan feels like I had became a God.”


I grumbled while looking at the postage and mail that arrived today, announcing to my little sister Miri who just became a middle school student.

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IS B5C63

Scheduled releases will now be on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays only. Without releases on Mondays. I’m in danger of burning myself out this way so I’ll spend some more time for myself and also find another novel to translate in tandem with Invincible Saint, so that I can keep it fresh and keep up with the quality and speed 😀


Chapter 063: Object X is a Cheat item

Translator: Tseirp


After completing a tougher than usual training session, I found that the criminal slaves were gathering at the training ground.


“Ah~ Good work with the night guard duty. Get some proper rest after having your breakfast.”

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IS B5C62

This chapter is thanks to Solpower-san, ScarletFlames255-san and Soren-san! 😀 Enjoy!


Chapter 062: Disciple cornered by his Shisho’s boasts

Translator: Tseirp


After leaving the Adventurer’s Guild, we went shopping for some goods before returning to the Healer’s Guild, but we were not attacked today.

Either because the magic tools were interesting, or that there was a lot of free time today, the healers cooperated with Naria and to began to prepare dinner.

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IS B5C61

Chapter 061: Ienith’s Adventurer’s Guild

Translator: Tseirp


After breakfast, the only person who wasn’t shocked by the underground transformation, Lionel, visited me in the guildmaster’s room to ask if he could have Dolan manufacture weapons for him.


“Before talking about the manufacture of weapons, why did you ask for the training ground on your own accord? Even though it is only about half the size of the one in the Adventurer’s Guild, considering that magic circles were carved into the walls, isn’t it strange that you did not report to me first?”

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IS B5C60

This extra chapter is thanks to ScarletFlames255-san! 🙂 Enjoy!


Chapter 060: The Healer’s Guild underground facilities

Translator: Tseirp


I thought that tidying up the rooms after taking my meal would be troublesome so I first went to place the beds in each room.

Since the rooms in the 2nd floor were 10 tatami mat in size, even if we place 2 beds in, it is just a space for sleeping so it can be said that it is wide enough.

As my subordinates conveyed their thanks to me, I headed to the kitchen.

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IS B5C59

Chapter 059: Increased forces and Dolan’s motivation

Translator: Tseirp


Nobody dared to speak up under Lionel’s intimidating voice.

All of the 7 representatives including Shaza, and 3 soldiers.


“It’s fine that you all remain silent, but the ones who will face troubles will be you guys, right? Please tell us how you intend to apologize, to dispose of these ruffians and to compensate us?”

This time, Lionel changed his tone, trimming down on the intimidation and spoke in a placid voice.

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IS B5C58

Special mention to Mus.R for being my first Patreon 😀 Thanks!


Chapter 058: Who exactly is this person?

Translator: Tseirp


After attempting to persuade them countless times, they finally stopped their prayer posture. While thinking that it is amazing in a sense that some people can immerse themselves in the feeling of being almighty, I laughed bitterly at myself who will forever remain as a cowardly person as I addressed everyone.

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