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This side story is courtesy of Daniel-san as well :D. Urgh this took a full day >.<.

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Enjoy the story from Lumina’s point of view!


Side Story 4: Valkyrie Paladin Corps Captain Lumina

Translator: Tseirp


My name is Luminaria‧Arc‧Francis.

I was born into this world as the second daughter of an Earl’s house of a certain country.


Brought up with tenderest care, at the age of 9 I was selected as a bride for the son of a Marquis house belonging to my father’s faction.

At that time, apart from when I studied decorum and the way of the country, I was a quiet child who loved to read.


Usually at the age of 15 one is recognized to have grown up from a child into an adult through a coming-of-age ceremony, but for aristocrats it was different.

That’s because the direction for our education was decided from young.

And just like that my life changed drastically. The coming-of-age festival began. (TL: Her coming-of-age festival was at a younger age than 15 because she was an aristocrat)

During the ceremony to elect my job, praying to the chief god Kuraiya-sama, I chose to be a paladin.


Paladins possess both Light and Holy attributes, or alternatively any other suitable magical attributes, and various status parameters experience a huge increase.

It is a higher rank job compared to the usual knight, healer or magician jobs.

Originally, only upon reaching level VI for the beginner job can one promote into a paladin through a selection ceremony conducted by a king, emperor or priestess, no, it might even require a second promotion above that.


However, I did not rejoice. Because I knew of the reality.

My parents showed delighted expression on their faces, but they must have been crying in their hearts?


The next day, I heard that my father cancelled my wedding and my parents no longer involved themselves with me any more than necessary.

At the age of 15 a paladin is forced to choose between serving the country as a knight or becoming a paladin in the Saint Schull church headquarters. But I didn’t have an option.

I no longer had the choice of becoming a knight for the country after I smeared mud on the Marquis’s name. (TL: The original text was ‘paladin’ instead of ‘knight for the country’ but I’m pretty sure it’s a typo)


Decorum training was replaced by martial arts training, the time for handicrafts and drawing was replaced for horsemanship, the books for me to read changed from story books to magic spell books.

And then at the age of 14 I was kicked out of the house and assigned to Saint Schull’s Paladin Corps.


I had read stories regarding heroes, brave warriors (TL: Yuusha), priestess, sages and paladins since a long time ago.

Although not to the point of being virtuous, I had high aspirations and was committed to serving the people.

Even though I had been disinherited, like those paladins that appeared in the stories, I strove to live nobly like my parents.


However, in reality the church was a sloppy organization.

Getting by with bribes, being called scrooges,  using force to obtain gold and crushing everything that offends them.

It was a den of devils in which evil spirits dwelled.


I wept because of the overwhelming horrors.

However, the position of paladins was far above that of healers and also above that of priest knights.

I swore to polish myself through training. Ten months later I welcomed my coming-of-age ceremony and the gods bestowed upon me a special eye.

I could see magical power through that eye. I named it the Magic-coloured eye.

I could determine a person’s magical power aptitude as well as their characteristics with it.

That eye was not coloured differently and I never told anyone else about it.

To get used to the eye I desperately trained.


At the age of 18 I was called out by the captain of the Paladin Corps, Catherine‧Frena.

“Come with me.”


I was brought to the Pope’s room.


“Catherine, are you really retiring?”

“Yes. For the injustice by the paladins, as captain I must take the blame.”

“But I have already sent the manipulators into the labyrinth.”

“Doing that does not rid the church of its purulence.”

” … ”


While listening to the conversation, I felt startled by the statement that Catherine-sama was retiring.

Even though my name is Luminaria, when I came to the church I changed my name to Lumina.

That also happens during a situation when 2 people have the same name, but when I entered the church I lost my name.

Well I lost my name because I was disinherited.

Catherine-sama was the reigning leader of the Knight Corps made by gathering both paladins and priest knights.

With the same standing as bishops, it was easier to count the number of people with greater authority than her.

Due to her enormous achievements, she was appointed a new surname name by the Pope. (TL: Pope’s surname is Fluna, hers is Frena)

My head was in turmoil from the information that that Catherine-sama was retiring.


“With that, I hope that you can help me with something.”

“What is it? I will allow almost anything.”

“Thank you. I wish to divide the current members into priest knights and paladins.”

” … Why?”

“Yes. There is a need for me to work in the shadows to hunt the purulence. And I wish to erode away the purulence without soiling my hands.”


“I am splitting the squad because there are not many people who can work in the shadows, and I want excellent talents like this girl Lumina topple her senior who only know how to lift their chins up just because they are slightly older. (TL: ie. act arrogantly)

” … Okay, but how should I go about doing it?”

“Yes. I have already elected 3 priest knight and 3 paladins whom I trust.”

” … Have you not told them that you are splitting the squad?”

“Yeah. Don’t you think that only those who win the spot of captain using their own abilities can gain the confidence of those around them more easily?”

“By chance you mean…”

“Yes. I will conduct a tournament. All judgements will be made by me so I will not allow any frauds. In addition, everyone is in the dark with regards to the 2 squads that I chose to split them into just now.”

“Doing so will become a matter of survival for the church.”

“Yes. Because of that, I will wager my life to cut off the purulence.”

” … Very well.”

“Lastly, if this Lumina becomes a captain, make it such that her squad is made up of only females.”

“Umu. Very well. I will await your results.”



Thus I left the Pope’s room while still feeling confused.


“What is your intention? No matter what it is not certain that I would come out victorious in the tournament?”

“Fufufu. There’s no way you wouldn’t. Lumina just needs to participate earnestly. No, if this doesn’t succeed then the survival of the paladins and the church would be in jeopardy so do it seriously.”

“I …”

“I know. About your kindness, about your cowardice, even about that eye. That is why I command you. Become the captain.”

“How did you find out about my eye?”

“When I was first assigned there was a person who had the same eye as Lumina. Your actions closely resembles hers, using the eye to see the colour and waves of magical power to anticipate attacks and dodge magic. Also when you use it too much you fall into a condition similar to magic depletion.”

“That person is?”

“No longer around. She, together with other knights were ruined by the scrooges.”

“Is that …. so.”

“Lumina, I beg of you. I do not know if it is possible to make the church become virtuous but lend me your strength to at least make it better.”

“Please stop that. I understand. I will give it my best.”

I was splendidly done in by the virtuousness of the bowing Catherine-sama.


One month later, as the captain of the Valkyrie Paladin Corps, 5 people were assigned to my squad from the Paladin Corps and we patrolled various locations. 3 years later in Meratoni, with 10 people now in my squad, I met a youngster who although appeared cowardly, but he released waves of strong and bright magical power.


My name is Lumina, the captain of the Valkyrie Paladin Corps, 4th squad of the prestigious Saint Schull church Paladin Corps.


Our main mission is to either terminate or supervise the church’s enemies, be it human or monster, or people related to the church.

I heard that Captain Catherine … now Katria-sama, was now in charge of the church’s internal and external management and negotiations. (TL: OMG Katria-sama?!)

When I last met her a while ago, she had changed from a knightly person into a gentle woman.

Learning from the past Katria-sama, I began using a domineering manner of speech but the times I failed to do so was more.


After I returned to the church following my travels between various locations, I passed my report to Katria-sama but it seemed like there wasn’t enough information to catch the frauds.

“If only there was a kid who could break through the labyrinth.”

She complained.


Indeed currently the main job for Granhart-dono, who is famous for being stubborn but also trusted by Katria-sama, is to appoint healers as exorcists to make sure monsters do not come out from the labyrinth.


“Katria-sama, let us go capture the labyrinth together.”

I suggested a way to eliminate Katria-sama’s grief.


“Lumina, that is impossible. You all are not allowed to go, let alone me.”

“Katria-sama, this isn’t like you. You’ve cleared countless labyrinths before.”

“This is the labyrinth of the undying. Only the so-called undead appears in this labyrinth.”


Undead … monsters that can move even though they are not alive. Indeed it should be extremely smelly.

” … Don’t worry. We can surely break through it.”


“Do you know that until now, since the labyrinth appeared more than 50 years ago, there has been no records of clearing the labyrinth? At that time the paladins and priest knights were, unlike the current imposters shaking their legs but, the real thing? In addition the undead attribute uses Darkness magic.”

” … Which inflicts a state of confusion?”

“Yes. According to the records, at that time there were many knights who lost their lives to friendly fire.  So it will be difficult as long as there are nobody capable of defeating the undead, not to mention resisting Darkness magic.”

“Is that so. Such hero-like requirements … To think that I was ignorant to so much, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. By the way this time there will be a new exorcist coming from Meratoni.”

“From Meratoni? But in the past, or to be specific about 2 years back, there wasn’t anybody with the capabilities of becoming an exorcist though?”

“I heard that that kid is quite strange, instead of working in a healer’s clinic he had been training all along in the Adventurer’s Guild.”

” … To yearn to be an adventurer even though he received powers from the gods, what exactly is the Meratoni branch doing?”

“That kid, just after registering for a year his Holy attribute magic was already level V, he has been called as both a genius as well as a maverick. In addition, I heard that he has various other terrible nicknames.”


” … About that healer, is he lanky and tall, a man with delicate features?”

“I don’t have information to that extent. Just that there was a report that when he registered with the Healer’s Guild he couldn’t even use 「Heal」.”

” … I know that healer.”

“Really?! Do you know what kind of person is he?”

“I remember that his magical power waves were very clear. Although I felt his cowardice, I also felt his vigour.”

“It’s rare to hear Lumina praise somebody to that extent.”

” … I am only saying the facts.”

“I pray that that kid is good kid.”

“Shall I investigate?”

“That’s right. Since Granhart is in-charge, I’ll let you know too when he arrives.”



More than half a year passed after that conversation.

“Well then, everyone go have your lunch.”


I returned to my room.

Although the expedition schedule has not been released, due to the recent military strengthening by the Empire, my squad will most likely be dispatched.

While thinking about that, the magic communication ball lit up and I placed it on my hand to listen.

This is a splendid magic tool that can bridge the distance between the owner and the other person whose magical power was recorded.

《He has arrived.》


《The boy from Meratoni we talked about before.》

《Ah. Is he heading towards Granhart-dono’s place?》


《Understood. I will make contact.》

《Thank you.》

Thus I hurried towards Granhart’s place.


Seeing Granhart-dono’s figure, I was shocked to see the youth walking with him. From the lanky figure he had in the past, he had bulked up to look like an adventurer, not looking inferior to the priest knight Granhart-dono alongside him.

While feeling shocked, I noticed that his magical power waves had not changed from that time so I called out while feeling relieved.


“Oh? You were the one I inducted into Meratoni city’s Healer’s Guild … Louis-kun right?”

“Oh, long time no see. Lumina-sama. And my name is Luciel. Even though my physique has changed, it’s pretty amazing that you immediately knew it was me?”

Somehow it looks like I remembered his name wrongly … Well it doesn’t look like it matters.

“Because the waves of your magical power is clear, I remembered it.”

Ah, shit. I inadvertently said that I could visualize magical power.

“Thank you for your help in Meratoni. Somehow I became able to perform some novice treatment after this two years.”

Luciel-kun showed totally no interest in my ability to see magic. Somehow I feel like I’ve lost.


“I see I see. I don’t have time now so please come to my room later.”

After informing him, I continued while mixing in something just for Granhart-dono’s ears.

“Granhart-dono (Katria-sama has expressed interest in him) , please get somebody to guide him to my room later.”

” … Yes.”

Granhart-dono’s expression stiffened, looks like his acting sucks. Just like that I waited for him to come to my room.

Before going to my room, “Elizabeth, for afternoon practice I will pair up with … that’s right Lucy should be fine. We will join the practice a bit later. You guys please start training first.”

“Yes, madam.”

Elizabeth said and left for the training grounds.

“Lumina-sama, who will be coming over?”

“Yeah. Someone I got to know recently but not to the extent of being friends.”


After boiling water and finishing the preparations for tea, I heard a knock.

“Lumina-sama, it is Luciel who you met earlier. I came to visit you as soon as possible.”

I allowed him to enter. I thought that he had grown up from being ignorant as he knew to knock but when he entered the room he stiffened.

“Is something the matter?”

“I just came from a room with Granhart-dono before coming to Lumina-sama’s room, the difference between the two stunned me for a moment.”

If that’s the case I’m convinced. He would have definitely been brought to an interrogation room.

“Fufufu. No wonder. It can’t be helped if you came from that room.”

“Do you know the reason why I was transferred to this place … to this church headquarters?”

Hmm? He had no idea? It should be fine to not keep this a secret from him.

“Yeah. In short, to receive a warning from Granhart-dono.”

“I see. Thank you very much for both this time and when in Meratoni.”

It was weird that he totally had no wariness. (TL: The raw said that it was not weird but it didn’t make sense so I changed it to it was weird)

“It’s fine. I had already received your thanks earlier. At the same time I’m bad with the formalities. Please be at ease.”

“If you insist. By the way … ”

Because the water I boiled for the tea was going to cool down, I stopped him.

“First, have some tea and sit on that chair over there.”

“Ah, yes. Thank you.”

He smiled meekly as he sat on my chair.


[It’s pretty stark huh~] I felt that he was thinking about that so I tried saying it first.

“You feel that it’s stark right?”

“I’m sorry.”

What a lucky guess. Well it was neither a compliment nor does my room look like a girl’s room. I unintentionally made excuses for myself.

“No it’s fine. This is only a place for me to do paperwork and sleep. I’m not here the majority of time.”

“Come to think of it, I was able to learn 「Heal」 a week after we met in Meratoni. When I asked the guild for Lumina-sama’s whereabouts to express my thanks, I was surprised when I heard that you had already returned to the headquarters.”

“In the end my job is one that requires me to move around quite a bit. Instead of that, this time were you summoned by Granhart? Or did you transfer over?”

“This time I received a letter of appointment for transfer signed with the Pope’s name.”

I see. So that was how Katria-sama knew from the start.

“To be from Fluna-sama, it seems like Luciel-kun is considerably excellent.”

“No, it’s a little different. Actually … ”


He viewed the public opinion of the church not from the perspective of a healer but as a normal individual.

“Hmm. I see … indeed. And so, what do you plan to do from now on?”

He most likely won’t be involved in fraud but because he looks easy to deceive, I’m worried about his future.

“Hmm … regarding that. The truth is, although I came over for the transfer, I completely have no idea what I am supposed to do.”

Ignorant as usual, no in this case it would be better to say he is indifferent.

“Most likely it’s up to you. You can carefreely … Speaking of which, you mentioned that just now Granhart-dono called out to you.”


“Yes. It seems like Granhart-san was called out because I used the Pope’s name.”

“If that’s the case, Luciel-kun’s work might involve a little risk.”


“Yeah. However, there’s no doubt that you can expect to have career advancement.”

Just like that I taught him the important points to take note with regards to the labyrinth. Of course, including the smell.

“Eh? Something like that is not a problem at all.”

However, I felt that when he said that it doesn’t matter, he was filled with motivation.

After he left the room I contacted Katria-sama.


《The target has left.》

《So how was it?》

《Hmm. Although he is lacking in some parts, in general personality-wise he has no problems.》

《 … Do you think he can challenge the labyrinth?》

《Yeah. He gave me the impression of a fairly close combat knight.》

《Is that so? That’s interesting.》

《Yes. Moreover he already has the ability to use purification magic.》

《Then, within 2 years he raised his Holy attribute to VII?》

《Yeah. Maybe he is a considerable hard worker?》

《Understood. I will definitely meet him tomorrow so I will judge him as well.》

《Yes. Thank you.》

《If anything happens please help.》

《I understand.》

《 … So rare.》

《What do you mean?》

《If you don’t understand then it’s fine. Well then Lumina, good luck with your training.》

《Thank you very much.》

I cut off the communication.


“There are even healers that temper themselves to that extent, we paladins will have to work hard too.”

Thus the second chance meeting between me and the healer Luciel ended with my motivation fired up.


I, Valkyrie Paladin Corps Lumina, came to the dining hall with my subordinates Lucy and Kuina.

The purpose was to meet with the healer Luciel-kun. No it is not for love.

Yesterday, Katria-sama contacted me to tell me that the boss residing in the 10th floor boss room was defeated for the first time since decades.

Of course, that person was Luciel-kun. However, according to Katria-sama it seemed like he was trying to capture the labyrinth in a considerably reckless manner.

She told me that and asked for my help.


That is why I was now waiting for when he would arrive.

“Lumina-sama, are we not going to the dining hall?”

“Indeed just standing here is …”

Lucy and Kuina do not know about Luciel so it can’t be helped.

Just as I thought that Luciel finally arrived.



Lucy called out to him so I had no choice but to proceed to the dining hall together.

“Good morning. Lumina-sama, Lucy-san. Also, this is the first time we’ve met, good morning. I am Luciel.”

“Good morning Luciel-kun.”


” Good morning. My name is Kuina and I’m assigned to Lumina-sama’s unit.”

“Once again, nice to meet you. Kuina-san. Is everyone on their way to

breakfast as well?”


“Yeah. We always take our breakfast after we finish with our morning training.”

“I see. I was slightly later than usual today so we actually met each other.”

“By the way, it has only been 10 days but I heard that you are now being listed as a veteran as well.”

“Ah~ about that … I’ve been reflecting on that since yesterday.”

“Fumu. If it’s alright with you, tell me about that. How about we have breakfast together.”

“Yes. By all means, please.”

Umu. With someone just 1 year younger than him, Luciel can speak more easily.

Thus I heard from Luciel about what happened yesterday.


“But I heard that your exploration of the labyrinth up until the 10th floor was going strangely smoothly?”

“Yes. It’s embarrassing but because I trained at the Adventurer’s Guild for 2 years, even after entering the labyrinth I somehow made do.”

“Was it the first time you fought with monsters.”

“Yeah. Up until now all I did was train.”

“If that’s the case then there shouldn’t be much points to reflect on?”

“Although I was nervous in the beginning, as I slowly advanced instead of purification magic, I channelled magic into my sword and spear, and I defeated them by cutting and stabbing even though there wasn’t any feedback.”

” … What are your sword and spear rank?”

“Because yesterday’s incident happened it increased to II.”

” … Previously you mentioned sword and spear but do you challenge the labyrinth by changing your weapons every day?”

“Eh? I wasn’t doing something so troublesome. Because I wanted to have more moves available I used a short spear with my left hand and a one-handed sword with my right hand.”

” … Is that so. Please continue.”

“Yes. For the record, after my exploration to the 10th floor ended after 10 days, I fought with the sword and spear when there were few monsters and fought with purification magic if there was a crowd. I heard that a large crowd of monsters appear at where the boss resides so I proceeded without being too eager.

Just like the information an uncountable number of undead was there, I figured that I would be okay somehow so I began combat but I realised that I could not use magic. I began to be impatient. From then on I attacked by brandishing my sword and spear and the battle continued.

I was bitten and scratched but somehow I defeated all the monsters.”

“That must have been tough. Could you recover from your injuries using potions?”

“Ah~ Now that you mentioned it, it would have been easier if I had potions.”


“Hahaha. Up until then I had never used a potion so I went without carrying any potions.”

” … Wasn’t potions recommended to you?”

“It was, but it was quite expensive so I thought I didn’t need it. And then I was shocked when a Wight appeared.”

” … Did you take out your shield then? I would expect that you applied barrier magic so you should be okay.”

” … No~ Because I didn’t apply barrier magic so it was tough when I got surrounded in the boss room. Honestly if I had not experience being slashed and poked in the Adventurer’s Guild, I might have given up there.

Also, if I knew that a Wight would appear … or that I wouldn’t be able to use magic, I would have went with a method slightly more efficient than flinging myself against the enemy.”

” … I see. Even though you knew you would meet a boss, you went in without carrying any healing items nor did you apply barrier magic … I’m surprised you won.”

“That’s right. I didn’t think that the bow I bought the previous day would become a clue to victory.”

“Even so to advance until the 10th floor in 10 days. Have you been taking breaks properly? In addition you had to train as well.”

“Eh? I didn’t take any breaks. I wanted to clear the labyrinth as soon as possible, and for training I was slashing zombies every day so it’s okay. Ah, I did continue to conduct fundamental magic training though.”

” … Incidentally when did you start using the sword and spear combat style?”

“Since the day I entered the labyrinth.”


I finally understood Luciel-kun after seeing him like this. He is a person who is missing common sense. Without noticing my mouth was left hanging. No, not only me but even Lucy and Kuina as well.

” … Just what in the world did you think you were doing?”

“Are you looking for death?”

“It’s stupidity. You were just lucky. Normally you would have died.”

“Ah~ and here I thought that you have graduated from being ignorant after much difficulties, you went and did something so reckless this time.”

“For what it’s worth, I’ve been doing a one-person reflection for half a day since yesterday, so please forgive me this time. My spirit is already crumbling right now.”

Even if your spirit crumbles, without changing your roots you will die. Just as I wanted to say that, Lucy spoke up.

“So what do you want to do now?”

“I plan to return back to Meratoni to train myself and become stronger.”

My eyes clouded over as I looked into the distance and sighed. However,

“As a general rule for healers, without a written order transfers from the headquarters is not allowed.”

That’s right. It would not be so easily accepted. Moreover there’s what Katria-sama told me, maybe I should have him participate in training.

“If you want to train, I think I can help.”

“Eh? Really?”

“Yeah. I think it will be hard for a healer, but it is possible for you to join the training of paladins. However, do not expect individual guidance.”

” … Could I request that it does not interfere with my exploration of the labyrinth?”

“Umu. Then once a week on the day of fire we will have an intense training.”

“Yes. I look forward to training with you.”

Thus it was decided that Luciel would join in the training of my Valkyrie Paladin Corps.

After Luciel’s meal ended we headed to training.


Lucy asked as we made our way.

“Was it a wise choice to let him participate in our training?”

“It will be fine. Because he is a healer, he is remarkable weaker than us paladins and his statuses are low. I heard that when he came here he was only level 1 but he should have become slightly stronger by now.”

“But even so I don’t think he would be able to keep up with our training.”

“That is possible. But according to the reports he trained in martial arts continuously for 2 years without any rest days. Our paladin corps has now become the strongest small elite squad because of our hard work.

The number of individuals who can put in that level of effort is unfortunately very small within the church headquarters. Of course after putting him through our training once, if he is only a man of such low capabilities then we will discard him. Okay?”


Thus I told the other members of the Valkyrie Paladin Corps and we greeted the scheduled training day.


Maybe fundamentally Luciel only has interest in himself, or just that he is really dense, but never in my dreams did I imagine that I would see a healer treat paladins as girls.

Everyone in the squad thought so as well. We have even been treated as monsters but to have a guy hesitate to attack us was a first.

Just like that, maybe because they were delighted to be treated as girls, everyone took to Luciel favourably.

Even though he knew that we had greater abilities than him, I was shocked that he could say that not just for appearances but with genuine feelings, and it didn’t feel bad.


Among the healers, Luciel should be one of the stronger ones. That is without a doubt.

However, compared to us he is markedly weaker. But, is there any meaning for him to use that style?


There wasn’t any meaning, so I had him hold a stance with a sword and shield, and he became slightly more acceptable. Since his skill level II was already like this, it looks like his mentor is a considerable warrior.

His swordsmanship was also not bad. But his combat sense was not high. If that’s the case then I can focus on training that aspect of him.

Although even with training there would not be much of a significant change. At the point he was set to swing his sword I jabbed out with my fist.

At that moment, he smiled. That’s right he smiled. Right when my fist collided he was bathed in a pale light and I saw the swung out sword return towards me.

Did he aim for this? A healer? In the first place, to be able to chant while swinging a sword and moving around, I bow down to the inconceivable amount of time he spent working hard to achieve this.

It can’t be helped. I shall also answer in kind.


Behind him, I landed a chop towards the back of his neck and he fell unconscious right at that spot.


“Okay. Everyone saw that right. This is a healer with low status parameters whose basic attributes are even lower than that of magicians. We have higher status and our skill levels rise more easily and we still put in effort, but we do not put in extraordinary effort.

It is a shame that the other priest knights and paladins don’t even put in effort. He is an outstanding talent that defeated the 10th floor boss in 10 days. As long as the labyrinth remains, Katria-sama will never return. That is why we will drill him.

Are there any objections? None. Then we will restart the training.”

After early morning training ended, we ate our meals and training resumed.

Unexpectedly the toughness of Luciel’s uniform and balanced barrier magic was on par with that of veteran healers. Due to that, nobody anticipated that the assigned team that attacked first would end up losing and Luciel’s evaluation further increased.


The training progressed smoothly and only training exercises remained but that was where it happened.

“Now then squad, from the nearby forest until the wilderness, we will now begin exterminating monsters. Everybody prepare your horses and assemble.”

『Yes (? … yes?)』

I had a slightly bad feeling from the weird reply from Luciel.

“Was there something you didn’t understand?”


“Yes. I mean up until now I have never experienced riding a horse.”

” … That is truly out of my expectations.”

I completely forgot. Supposedly he was a villager. If that’s the case then even if he had seen a horse before, he wouldn’t have touched or ridden on one before.

However, a typical healer even when young would have earned quite a sum of money so many of them own horses. Moreover to think that he had the physique of a knight but had not ridden on a horse before.

Well this was a honest mistake on my part.

“There’s no helping it. Luciel-kun go ask the stable management personnel how to ride a horse and practice. Because once we proceed with the training exercise there will be onlookers.”

“I apologize for the inconvenience.”

“Don’t worry. It’s because I did not consider it as well. You can conduct your horse riding training here. That’s because when our exercise has ended we will return here.”

“Understood. Please don’t worry and set out.”

“Right. We will guide you to the stables. Okay, everybody advance.”

Thus we left for the training exercise and he stayed for horsemanship training.


During the journey to the training exercise, I talked about his background up until now. Everyone chimed in with delighted voices because there was now a maverick within the healers, which were the main reason why the church’s reputation was dropping.

Thus we drilled him until the point where we had to leave him to set out on an expedition.

And then when we departed for an expedition we received sparse applause as usual, but just this time, there was a single call from the streets to “Work hard”.

It was even more terrific than the time Katria-sama kicked-off a departure while at the forefront.

And then we heard voices call out zombie, masochist and deviant saint healer.

I searched for his magical power. Even though it was from afar, he properly came to send us off.

When I told everyone that this was the work of Luciel, everyone understood.

Filled with the surprise that he is now the most popular healer in the Holy City, our hearts became lighter and our moods were uplifted. With energy flowing into our bodies we aimed for the national borders.



(TL: I like how there were some hints that Lumina might like Luciel, just that she doesn’t know it yet. Hahaha first romance possibility?)


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IS B3C30

Chapter 030: Third negotiation audience with the Pope and Object X

Translator: Tseirp


After returning from the labyrinth, Katria-san called out to me first.

“Welcome back. That expression … Well firstly thank you for returning safely.”

“Please stop doing that. If Katria-san who always takes care of me bows her head to me, I’ll feel uncomfortable.”

“Fufufu. Really?”

“Please stop with those mischievous eyes. Well then first of all, please convert my magic stones into points.”

“Mou. I wanted you to let me tease you a little bit more.”

Even while saying that Katria-san had already taken my card and was moving the magic stones into her bag. That’s right Katria-san had always used a magic bag with greater capabilities compared to mine to perform P conversion.

“It’s really amazing this time. 426,549P.”

“It was quite good. Nevertheless, this time could really be expressed with the bold letters ‘Seriously’ bad. Without 「Area High Heal」 I would have really died.”

” … To be able to cast 「Area High Heal」 at such an age, Luciel-kun are you sure you didn’t falsify your age?”

” … Eh? But when I registered at 15 years old I couldn’t even cast 「Heal」?”

“Or did you dabble with things like dubious drugs.”

“There’s no way I would … Ah?!”

“Let’s cleanse you by confessing your sins in front of the Pope.”

My arm had been firmly caught.

“I was thinking of going there as well. I have something on my mind so please bring me to the Pope this time as well.”

“Ara? Somehow you’ve become more aggressive. Was it because you finally defeated the 30th floor boss?”

“No. This time I just hope that the Pope knows anything regarding something that I have been drinking for more than 2 years.”

” … That’s very different from what I had in mind.”

“That’s because I feel like I’m very close to solving a 2 year long mystery.”

“I feel that the tension is somewhat higher as well. Perhaps you really almost died?”

“Hahaha. I was actually surprised at how the situation turned out. This time, I succeeded with no damage taken only because luck was on my side, allowing me to realise that Holy magic is effective against the Undead. If not for that, I might have died.”


“Luciel-kun, it’s a bad omen to keep saying that you will die so please stop.”

“I was saying it figuratively. Sorry.”

“Well then should we go?”

“Let’s go.”

We continued our conversation while we walked.

“So then what monsters appeared this time?”

“3 Wights and 5 Specter Knights appeared and I truly thought that I would die. I was saved thanks to the fact that somehow I reached level VIII and became capable of using「Area High Heal」. But I am afraid that eventually beast-type undead like Undead Dragons and Dullahans would eventually appear.”

“I see. By the way dragons are classified as fairies and not as undead so Holy magic would not have any effect on them.”

” … Seriously?! I pray that this doesn’t become a flag.” (TL: In Japanese gaming terminology a flag (in this case a death flag or an encounter flag) is where a certain event is triggered by a certain choice made in a game; in this case by him mentioning about undead dragons he’s hoping that he won’t end up really encountering it)


“Don’t mind me.”

“By the way what have you been drinking?”

“Some extremely stinky and disgusting drink called Object X from the Adventurer’s Guild. They said that it was made for the adventurer’s by some sage in the past but have you heard of it?”

“Nope I’ve never heard of it. Is it well known?”

“Yes. Up to the point that I received nicknames because I continued to drink it.”

” … That seems fairly intense. Even so … Your holiness it is Katria.”

“Umu. Enter.”


Thus my third negotiation audience with the Pope began.


Katria-san and I knelt down and bowed our heads down before the Pope spoke up.

“Is today’s matter regarding the 30th floor boss?”

“Yes. It is regarding the matter that he defeated the 30th floor boss.”

“Umu. Thank you for your hard work. Even so, to reach the 30th floor on your own, you have exceeded my expectations.”

“Thank you very much. This was also thanks to the equipment and tools I’ve received.”

“Hohou. However that is unlikely to be the only reason. I’ve heard that you have high magical powers as well.”

“I have something to report with regards to that. Apparently he has been drinking something called Object X said to be made by a sage.”

“This is it.” I extracted the barrel of Object X from my magic bag.

“?! Put that back immediately!”

” … Ugh, is that poison?”

Huh? Was it that smelly? Not only Katria-san, even the maids had frowns on their faces.

“No, it comes from a magic tool made by a sage-sama from a deal with the Adventurer’s Guild. Between adventurers they talk of it as something that even monsters wouldn’t approach.”

“There was such a thing? Wait … What is the official name for that?”

“I’ve only heard it called as Object X. It is something that novice adventurers must be able to drink.”

” … Maybe, that is not Object X but the pill developed by the adventurers made by mixing various herbs, the heart of a dragon, water from the spirits, root of the world tree and other items, and they somehow developed a magic tool capable of making something similar but for some reason it became a liquid so they renamed it. No, if that is the case then it shouldn’t be named Object X. Supposedly during the time when it was a pill, the assigned name was tasteless so the inventor renamed it as God’s Grief. That should have been written down in literature.”

It was without a doubt a cheat item. But the world would have been fine without such a strange item.

“That liquid form of God’s Grief, Object X might be the source of my success. True, it is so disgusting that even the gods would lament it, the sense of taste and smell would be damaged for 1 hour after consuming it and there is even slight amounts of poison mixed in. However, I’ve learned that the body’s immunity is capable of detoxifying the poison such that the poison doesn’t accumulate. I drink a mug of this in undiluted form after breakfast, lunch and dinner. I started drinking this 2 and a half years ago and I may have reached this stage thanks this.”

I lightly tapped the barrel of Object X kept within my magic bag.


” … Have you really been drinking that?”

“Yes. That’s because this a world that one loses life easily. I wouldn’t feel at ease without doing things that can be done to prevent that. Without any risks, if just by drinking it one can become stronger then of course I drank it. Ah, with the exception of the nicknames gained and pitying gazes obtained from drinking this.”

I felt slightly sad when I said that.


“I understand. Your extraordinary growth was due to your hard work and suffering.”

” … Luciel-kun is amazing.” Oh? Katria-san has returned to normal.

“Umu. If that’s the case then there’s no issue. Although the sage had really neglected to think about how it would turn out taste and smell-wise.”

I totally agree.


“Well then, what were the monsters this time?”

“Yes. 3 Wights and 5 Specter Knights. I defeated them while on the run using 「Area High Heal」.”

“Hou. To be able to reach such heights at such a young age, you might one day even ascend to the rank of Archbishop.”

“I will work hard.”

“Well then take them out.”

I took out all the items I picked up and passed them over to the maids.

As usual, the Pope looked at the items handed over by the maids and suddenly muttered.

“This belongs to those 3 girls … That’s enough for today. I will pass the rewards to Katria, good luck with the labyrinth capture.”


Her voice sounded slightly stiff and gloomy. Looks like it was a setting with those 3 being her acquaintances. (TL: He still thinks that they are acting out the setting for the ‘game’ = labyrinth he is assigned to clear)

After leaving the Pope’s room, I went to the dining hall for the first time in a long time.


“Ah, oneesan, long time no see. Please give me a generous serving for today’s dinner.” (TL: Oneesan = Elder sister or a polite way of calling a woman who is younger than aunty but older than a young girl)

“Erm knight-sama, how much do you desire?”

The oddly stiff manner of speech left question marks hanging above my head.

“What is with that manner of speech? I am Luciel.”

I checked my surroundings before quietly whispering. Obachan stiffened, before her face thawed out and was replaced with a gentle expression. (TL: Obachan = aunty)

“Ohhh so it was Luciel-kun. With your hair tied up and your equipped armour, I totally had no idea who you were. I will immediately go prepare your food.”

After that the kitchen was fairly hectic. “Thank you for waiting. Eat up and regain your energy.” A plate that had slightly more than my usual was prepared for me.

“It looks delicious. Great job.”

“Thanks for the compliment. I’ll pass it on to the others.”

“Thank you. I’ll leave it up to you the next time as well.”

After taking a seat and while having my warm meal, I thought “Do the waiters here have it tough? They look so tense.”


“Thank you for the delicious meal. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Then I’ll prepare plenty tomorrow.”

“Yeah. Thank you.”

I conversed with obachan and returned to my room.


“There hasn’t been any harassments, maybe everyone knows that I do not stay here. Maybe they can’t openly challenge me because not only is it impossible to intimidate using force within the church headquarters, I have also had multiple audiences with the Pope.”

While I considered that, I read the magic spell books for the first time in a long time and concentrated on fundamental magic training before falling asleep at the place I laid down upon.


The next morning, I had a filling meal and collected my bento.  Right when I wanted to enter the labyrinth, Katria-san was unusually already there.

“Katria-san, good morning.”

“Good morning. Luciel-kun the Pope gave you this …”

A piece of parchment was handed to me.

“This is?”

“It seems like records of God’s Grief, or Object X’s, effects.”

God’s Grief aka Object X was written in detail.

“There’s quite a lot written down, oh well. I’ll be entering the labyrinth then.”

“Good luck. If you have any troubles come discuss them with me.”

” … ? Okay. Thank you.”

Katria-san had unusually displayed eyes with pity and quickly hid them away or was it my imagination?

I thought about that as I entered the labyrinth.

After defeating the monsters from the 1st floor to the 20th floor, right before sleeping I read the parchment I received and got a shock.


Below is word for word what was recorded in literature regarding God’s Grief aka Object X.

There was a trend that the occupations related to the church like knights, healers and priests was on the decline due to mankind’s three greatest desires, the desire to sleep, the desire to eat and the desire for sexual pleasure.

Although I feel immensely regretful that I was forced to name it God’s Grief, I created this remedy so that they would not be treated unfairly in this world and so that they would not lose the joy of living as people.

The effects are increased appetite, increased sexual desire and activated autonomic nervous system. As a by-product, I learnt that various abnormal status resistances are gained, and dormant cells are activated resulting in various statuses becoming easier to rise.

When I introduced it to the church, I was consecutively criticised for the smell so it was deemed inappropriate by church and disposed of.

I was depressed. At that moment the Adventurer’s Guild headquarter’s master Crius was interested in its effects and wanted to make newbies drink it.

Thus my research was instead harnessed by the Adventurer’s Guild.

I’ve decided to concentrate all my research into one day developing a remedy that can be introduced to the church as well.


Subsequently within the church, every time the sage-sama made a new adjustment to the remedy it released a nasty odour, so the therapeutic medicine was never completed.


After I finished reading I understood. That pitying eyes from Katria-san was because she saw me as an asexual (TL: no sexual desire. She thought that he had low sexual desire so he drank Object X to boost it XD). Wait.

And then I realised, I could converse with females and I do have interest in them but I’ve never felt horny.

“Note to self, once I clear the labyrinth, I will go fall in love with someone.” I somehow mustered energy from my tired body, only after reaching the 30th floor did I finally recover from my shock.

The next day, while exploring the 31st floor, I also had combat with the Specter Knight squad. Incidentally they disappear with only 1 cast of purification magic so, without being unreasonable, I gradually increased the numbers that I faced and I began training within my labyrinth training ground.




IS B3C29

This chapter is thanks to Daniel! Thanks for the donation! 😀 Thanks to everyone else who donated as well. You guys are awesome! Do let me know if you want to keep your name private or replace it with a nickname. Just email me at tseirptranslations@gmail.com. Enjoy the chapter!


Chapter 029: Training outcome? Battle with the 30th floor boss

Translator: Tseirp

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IS B3C28

The SS4 chapter will have to wait until I have the time to translate it >.< It is more than 3 times the usual length of a chapter. Either TheDefend picks it up or I’ll leave it until the end of this book to translate. Enjoy 😀


Chapter 028: Deviant Saint’s whimsical day

Translator: Tseirp


The battle with Undead attribute monsters continued. Normally it would be impossible with deteriorating health and the bad odour. I thought that maybe there really hasn’t been anybody who had cleared this. However, can’t people like Instructor Broad or Lumina-san who can move at a speed that I can’t follow successfully clear this?

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IS B3C27

This chapter is thanks to Aquarilas & QD BUI. Thanks for the donations 🙂


Chapter 027: Full of cheat equipments (In Luciel’s eyes.)

Translator: Tseirp

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IS B2C26

Chapter 026: New nickname obtained “Deviant Saint” 

Translator: Tseirp


After I was brought to an area I was familiar with by the Pope’s attendant, I expressed my thanks and walked towards the direction of the dining hall.


“There’s quite a lot of people here.” As I queued, which brought up memories of school cafeterias, somebody called out to me.

“Luciel-kun, after getting your food come sit over here.”

Before turning around, just by listening to the voice I immediately knew who it was.

“Lumina-sama thank you for your hard work. Thank you for inviting me over.”

I turned around and briefly answered with a greeting.


The people who saw that spectacle didn’t think too well of that. Although they did not come pick a fight, bathed in the persistent gazes, I felt depressed from the constant stares.


“Good evening. Please give me a large serving today as well. Ah, also today’s bento was delicious.”

“Ara Luciel-kun thank you. Well then I’ll give you an even larger serving.”

After saying that she personally delivered the meal, which was easily over 5 times more than the other people queuing up, a number of people did a double take when they saw it and looked like they wanted to laugh, but the gazes further accumulated so I promptly moved.


“It’s rare that all of you are gathered together.”

“Yeah. The truth is there are currently squabbles at the international borders between Elimashia Empire, Rubruk Kingdom and the Saint Schull Allied Nations. Unfortunately, my Valkyrie Paladin Corps and the Priest Knight Crops were assigned to patrol the periphery.”

“That means?”

“Umu. I’m sorry but from tomorrow onward the trainings will stop for some time. Of course, I don’t mind if you enter the training grounds to train your horsemanship … to practice riding a horse.” (TL: Lol he is so bad at it that she can’t even say that it is horsemanship.)


Let me restate it? Lumina-san is occasionally rude. Although I wanted to say that, but I couldn’t.

“Understood. I understand that you all are strong but please take care to not get wounded and return safely.”

“Well, when we are not around I think that the person most troubled would be Luciel.”

Maruruka-san said something ominous.

” … ?”

“That’s right. You are always together with us so don’t you think that you are not really held in good terms by others?”

Gannett-san further added on.

“Well true … ”

Since coming to the church headquarters, I have not spoken to any guys apart from Jordo-san, Granhart-san and Yanbus-san.

“You are always covered by bloodthirst.”

Beatrice-san, that is too scary.

“Rest in peace.”

Cathy-san, that is too far a leap.

“No no, bloodthirst have not been sent my way. And I’m not going to die.”


Eh? Why is everybody sighing so deeply?


“It would be best if you undergo special training to be slightly better at reading the signs.”

Lipnea-san gave me an advice.

” … Well, it is just like Luciel-san after all, to be dense.”

Elizabeth is being insensitive? A follow-up advice to me?

“If you die I will pray for you.”

Eh? Why are you so certain that I will die? Kuina-san?

“I will avenge you.”

Myra-san. That’s dangerous. Eh? Or is the situation really that bad? Instead for getting revenge for me, can’t you defend me?

“Luciel, try your best to escape.”

Lucy-san took a fighting pose.

“Where do you intend to run away to?”

Where can I escape to?

“That’s right~ If you enter the labyrinth wouldn’t it be fine since they can’t go in?”

Lucy-san, wouldn’t that just be my usual routine?

“You guys, don’t say such irresponsible things.”

That’s right. Lumina-san please give me some advice. Ah, she diverted her eyes.


“That’s it. Luciel have balls right. You should be able to protect your own balls.”

Saran-san shot out words like an old man but, my life depends on my balls?

“Saran-san, even though your room is so girly, why are your remarks always so vulgar in that tavern old man tone of voice.”

“Shu … shut up. I don’t want to be told that by you Elizabeth who speaks in a princess tone of voice but have a sloppy personality.”

“There there both of you calm down. You are both self-destructing.”

The two finally realised that I am present and sat down blushing, glaring at each other. Let sleeping dogs lie. I pretended to not notice.

“Well despite these reasons, if by the time we return you are still incompetent I will re-train you without any questions asked so be diligent.”

“Yes sir!” (TL: In English)

While still troubled by the problems without any resolutions, in response to Lumina-san’s words I placed my hand on my chest and replied at the top of my voice.

After that, while chatting and having our meals, we finally returned to our respective rooms.


I went towards the oba-chan and kindly requested her to prepare a large quantity of food for me.

After that, in order to replenish that, I went to the Adventurer’s Guild.


“Good evening.”

After calling out, I noticed that the waitress was a different one from the one before so I had her call the master out.


” … To come back exactly one month later, did you really finish all of that?”

The master asked me with a startled expression.

“Of course. Ah, I will be going on a slight expedition so please prepare 10 barrels.”

” … Hey are you the healer than came from Meratoni?”

For some reason the master asked. Don’t tell me, an assassination? I was fearful as I replied.

” … Yes. One month had quickly passed by since I’ve arrived here.”

“By the way, do you work as a healer in the Holy City?”

It seemed like it was not for an assassination. But this enquiring gaze, why is it that I had a feeling I’ve seen this before.


“No~, I am currently employed by the church headquarters so it is impossible for me to live in the Adventurer’s Guild.”

” … Is that so. Understood. I will prepare that so please wait a moment.”

He disappeared into the kitchen with a gloomy face.


“That expression, I am suuuper~ curious.”

Now that I’ve noticed, it’s pretty quiet today. Just when I thought about that, I saw injured people? being carried to the underground training grounds.


“Excuse me.”

There were few other customers around so I called out to the waitress.

“Do you wish to order?”

“No, it is the first time I’ve come out in a month but injured people are being carried underground, had something happened?”

“Yes. Lately, it seems that although the monsters have become more active, even high level monsters have appeared so the adventurer’s have been fighting an uphill battle.”

“I see. Is that why the master had that gloomy look?”

“Yes. Many of the master’s acquaintances have been injured.”

“What’s the response from the healer clinics?”

If it is healing, as long as it is not too severe it should be able to be healed?

“Everyone has severe wounds and cannot pay tens of gold coins. Are you telling the adventurers to become slaves?”

Eh? Had I said something terribly rude to this person I just met to warrant such anger? Hmm? Become slaves? Even though we are in the Holy City? My head was spinning round and round thinking about that. For starters I’ll deny that statement first.

“Eh? Nobody said that.” (Luciel)

“Mirinia! Stop it.”

The master came out and helped me.

“But master, this person said to consult the healer’s hospital …”

As I’ve said before, those eyes are not a reward to me.


“If that’s the case, how much would you charge?” (Master)

“Well~. One silver coin per person, the Pope and the Valkyrie Paladin Corps will help as much as possible if I am troubled. I will work hard to amend my unpleasant nicknames.”

” … Then, show me your resolve by drinking this.”

『Don』 A mug was placed down and I began drinking.


“Glug, glug, glug, glug, fuuu~. Let’s go. Ah, firstly please fill in those barrels.”

I confirmed the contents of the barrels with the master and placed them into my magic bag.

“Isn’t that … Never mind, follow me.”

Was he surprised by my magic bag? I wore the church’s white robe and went towards the underground.


The place changed until it looked just like a field hospital.

Those who saw me coming down shot bloodthirsty looks at me.

No, the target of those gazes were not me but instead my white robe.

With just that small detail, a riot occurred.


“What did you come here for. Money-grubber.”

“To dare to come here, fall into hell.”


“I’ll kill you.”

Un. That’s dangerous. It was so scary that with just a little bit more I would have leaked.


“Quiet down you idiots~!!”

The tavern master raised his voice.

The training grounds fell silent.

“This dude, no, this personage is the one known as the legendary healer from Meratoni city Masochist-sama. Even though he had come here to help at just one silver coin per person, if anybody have any complaints they can leave.”

“Zombie healer?”

“Eh, although he looks quite handsome but he’s called a masochist?”

“The masochist zombie healer wasn’t just an urban legend?”

“To only charge one silver coin, he’s just like a sage from a fairy tale.”

“Oi, hang in there, if it’s the Zombie-sama, then you might be saved.”

“Hang in there, Zombie-sama, quickly heal.”

The calls for zombie, zombie and zombie increased.


Damn it, that master had to say my zombie nickname. Wait a minute, in this case the beginning is where it is essential. I fired myself up and called out.

“I have no intention of stealing the customers from the other healer clinics. Today I just coincidentally came here to drink Object X. That is why, I cannot heal you all every time, please do not cause a riot or collide with the other healer clinics due to the higher prices.”

I made sure everyone around understood that.

“One silver coin per person, the Pope and Valkyrie Paladin Corps within the church will help out as much as possible if I am troubled. And stop with the unpleasant nicknames especially zombie and masochist, if not I will not heal you guys. If you all understand then I will begin. Ah, please gather the heavily injured.”


Then, immediately the individuals who collapsed due to injuries were gathered.

While expressing relief that my Holy attribute magic level became VIII after spending half a year, I spun my words.

【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish using my magical power as sustenance become the breath of an angel, shelter everything and heal everyone, Area High Heal.】

Right after chanting the words, a huge ton of magical power was robbed from me but I maintained the magical power control and thought of curing them.

A pale light covered everybody within a 3 meter radius. When their bodies emitted light, like on rewind, their wounds resealed and even bent fractured arms were healed via a principle I had no understanding of.

“Fu~. I’ll begin the next one now.” (Luciel)

“Ah, yes. Oi those next up hurry up.”


With breaks in between, I casted another 2 「Area High Heal」 to heal the wounds.

Unfortunately, even though I healed them, I could not regenerate collapsed eyes or cleaved limbs.

But nobody complained or held grudges towards me who was trying my best to heal.

After my treatment ended, within the silence, they secretly discussed my nickname.


“He said that masochist and zombie are not allowed right?”

“He said that he hated them.”

“But then should we go with ‘sage’? Since he is a healer?”

“How should we do this. He likes combat even though he knows that he wouldn’t win right?”

“If that’s the case then the ‘healer combat maniac’?”

“That sounds awkward. How about because he helps people at a cheap price, the ‘cheap healer’?”

“He would definitely be attacked by the Healer’s Guild if we named him that.”

“Because masochist and zombie sounds good together, it’s hard to change it.”

“Then since he is a fine person, ‘saint-sama’?”

“He’s still young, that sounds too heavy.”

“If that’s the case, since he can drink that, how about ‘healer freak’?”

“That isn’t much different from masochist.”

“Then since he is like a saint but also a freak, then should we call him the ‘deviant saint’?”

“”That’s it!!””

“But, masochist and zombie still sounds the best after all.”

“That’s true.”


After I finished healing everyone, I was bathed in calls of ‘masochist’ and ‘zombie’ resulting in the blue vein on my forehead popping up as I received the treatment fee. I was on the verge of magic depletion, and this time fanned by Object X, I was now bathed in calls of ‘deviant saint’ so I left the Adventurer’s Guild.

Just like that a new nickname was added to my list of nicknames. I flew into the bed, wet the pillow with tears and vowed to the moon that rarely came out that I will work hard to train to be able to complain to the adventurers.


IS B2C25

Chapter 025: The second negotiation with the Pope (Business Negotiation) 

Translator: Tseirp


As usual after exiting from the labyrinth I asked Katria-san to purchase my magic stones.

“I will leave the calculations to you.”

“Yes~. Lately thanks to Luciel-kun’s hard work our debt has decreased.”


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IS B2C24

Chapter 024: The boss battle at the 20th floor, before that …

Translator: Tseirp


As usual after waking up I did some stretches. “Nothing feels sore.” I felt relieved and began preparing for the morning.

Yesterday, I began getting accustomed to training with the Valkyrie Paladin Corps and for the training exercise I had to ride on a horse.

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IS B2C23

Chapter 023: The provisional enlistment of Luciel into the Valkyrie Paladin Corps? On-the-job training for dual swords

Translator: Tseirp


I woke up earlier than usual, prepared such that I could leave at a moment’s notice, and absentmindedly performed magic training while I envisioned how dual sword technique would look like.

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IS B2C22

Chapter 022: First experience of horse riding, when anxious, train

Translator: Tseirp


2 people and a horse arrived at the training ground with the owner absent. (TL: Owner/lord referring to Lumina)

Well it was me.

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